Monday, 12 March 2007 (comments: 0)

Big Mountain Pro 2007

For the last 11 days we travelled with a bus through the Swiss and Italian Alps. I did a freeride competition with 7 other snowboarders and 8 skiers from all over the world. On the search for deep snow we rode one mountain in Courmayeur and 2 other peaks around Verbier. Helicopters flew us up the top and everybody chose his own line and way to ride down the mountain. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2008 News/bmp 08/BMP_27Feb_006.jpg

This was very new and exciting for me. Unfortunately the snow wasn't good. So the riding was quite difficult. But the trip was a hell lot of fun. Super cool people and for once I wasn't the oldest rider ;) 

I learned a lot about freeriding from the more experienced snowboarders and skiers. Some of their lines which they took coming down the mountain really impressed me. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2007 News/BMP_Day6_Courmayeur_06.jpg

Mitch and me in front of our bus with our names on it

Tuesday, 13 February 2007 (comments: 0)

Moscow Big Air 2007

Moscow hosted the last stop of the Fis Big Air tour this season. The weekend there was incredible. After seeing the red square in the city, the metro and other bits of the town, Moscow moved up into my top 3 cities overall! Maybe the female population of Moscow might have contributed to my conclusion as well. 

The competition itself took place in front of a very nice backdrop. The ramp was built right in front of the biggest university of Moscow. At night with all the spectators and the lights this was a very special scene. 

At pretty cold temperatures around -20° celsius the two Finnish riders Peetu Piiroinen and Jaako Ruha dominated again. I rode solid and ended up as 5th. Jaako kicked me out in the semi finals with a big backside 1080. 

Despite that we were freezing a lot and that it was hard to find food, I took home some really nice impressions from Moscow. Yeah ... I am a fan of Russia now! 


St. Basils Cathedral

St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow

grabbing melon

Fs 540 melon during the contest. 

russian soldiers... maybe they snowboard as well. maybe not.

Monday, 5 February 2007 (comments: 0)

A short update on the last contests

2 weeks ago I tried my best at the Fis World Championships in Switzerland but didn't succeed. Even though the kicker was good and the conditions were almost perfect I didn't ride good enough. I didn't qualify for the finals. Bummer. 

Las weekend I competed again in the the world cup in Torino, Italy. After a long day of riding a difficult ramp with a bumpy landing I got 3rd. I was up against 3 Finish snowboarders in the finals. In the end the landing hill got smoother and I think some high level snowboarding was shown. 

The best trick of the day did Peettu Piiroinen with a cab 1080. But in the end it was Janne Korpi who won. I was super happy with my riding and of course with the result as well. 

The crowd was great in Torino and also very motivating. Back home after pizza, lasagna and tiramisu. Lächelnd