Tuesday, 30 September 2008 (comments: 0)


I won the freestyle.ch 2008! 

read the official press release below. 

freestyle.ch set to reach ever greater heights this year with its 8 meter higher Big Air – and absolutely delivered at freestyle.ch 2008! 46,000 visitors filled Zurich’s Landiwiese, witnessing the crowning of snowboarder Stefan Gimpl (AUT), freeskier Jacob Wester (SWE), FMX pilot Thomas Pagès (FRA) and skateboarder Sandro Dias (BRA) as this year's freestyle.champs.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008 (comments: 0)

Roadgap on the Grossglockner

Just after I got home from Greenland Red Bull asked me to jump over the road on the famous Grossglockner pass. They told me that the distance to clear would only be around 27 meters but when we got up there we realized that there was also a vertical drop form the take off to the first possible landing point from 12 meters. 

Unfortunately the weather was constantly changing and didn't help us. 
Anid Goldberger, a world famous ski-long-jumper, jumped over the road first with his ski jumping skis, a little altered take off and no track in the in-run!! It must have been world premier for jumping a road gap on those skis. He jumped about 60 meters!!

Romain Grojean, a freeskier from France, and I hit a little poppier take off right next to the ski long jump. It threw us quite a bit higher in the air resulting that we already landed after 40 meters. But we must have reached the high jump mark. We still cleared the road easily. 

It was a mental challenge to jump over the road. Not very much margin for errors and the consequences would have been fatal. But an unforgettable day out there snowboarding for sure. 

Sunday, 27 April 2008 (comments: 0)

Snowboarding in Greenland

Northern lights over Tinid, this is the end of the world

Beginning of April, after I had great days of riding powder at home in Leogang, I took part at an adventurous snowboarding trip to Greenland. 

Humbi from MMP films asked Gian Simmen, Eric Themel and me to come along with him to make a documentary about snowboarding and travelling around in East Greenland. 

The travelling was amazing. We got to see quite impressive landscapes. Powder snow was hard to find though. At least without the helicopter. That one day when we flew with the heli to the big mountains we rode 2 step and deep faces. 
I think we all got some adrenalin coming down these runs. 

The rest of the snowboarding there was a lot of mini shred. Maybe too much... 
The most interesting part of Greenland was to get to know the people and their culture. The landscapes were amazing and all of it a great experience in the far north.  

tl_files/Newsbilder/2008 News/greenland/DSC_0688.jpg

Traveling with dogsleds to Tinid.

tl_files/Newsbilder/2008 News/greenland/P1000778.jpg

Unique landscapes

tl_files/Newsbilder/2008 News/greenland/_DSC0882.jpg

and a luxury accommodation. 

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