Tuesday, 11 March 2008 by Stefan Gimpl (comments: 0)

Ästhetiker Jam

Friday afternoon, just when the qualification was over and a lot of people left the park already, one of the best sessions in a snowboardpark started. The sun came out and softened up a perfectly shaped kickerline. It was some of the best freestyle snowboarding which I have ever done. The motivation was up and smiles all over the faces of the Ästhetiker and everybody who rode. 
We did good tricks, a couple of 1080, but it was just about riding with friends in perfect conditions and enjoying the airtime. Days like this are rare. We will remember that for a long time.

One the competition day the weather was unfortunately not very good. But we did one run on the 3 kickers and a jib run. Considering the conditions the riding was solid but not quite as good as the day before. Andreas Gidlund of Sweden won the TTR 5 star event and a brandnew motorbike. I got 4th and won the special award for the best kicker line. 

Those couple of days of contest here in Mayrhofen were great. Good people, riding with friends and drinking a beer at the end was epic. 

eeööhhh!! ;)

Ästhetiker Jam
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