It is more than 18 years ago when I first strapped on a snowboard. At the age of 12 I already built little jumps on the backyard of our house. I was hooked from the beginning. I progressed pretty fastand my first international appearance was in 1996 in Japan. I got second at the Junior World Championships in the halfpipe. From there on my biggest dream was about to come true. Finally in 1999 after I graduated from school I became a professional snowboarder. That was also the year when I won one of the biggest competitions in snowboarding, the Air and Style.      After that I got to travel the entire world with the snowboard in my bag. I rode on the greatest mountains and in the best snow. Now 18 years later my enthusiasm for snowboarding hasn‘t changed at all. I am so happy that I can still progress my skills in snowboarding and it seems to me that the more years I snowboard the more I love it.

Biography Stefan Gimpl